About Us

FK Group of Companies is India’s value based premier growing company — a visionary, a pioneer, a leader, since 2010. The Company has the distinction of achieving ISO 9001:2015 accreditations. FK Group has Importer- Exporter Code (IEC) No. 0210011980 Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt. of India. FK Group of Companies got “ASIA LEADERSHIP AWARDS 2019” for category – “Award for Best CSR Activity by Organization” in Mumbai by Leadership Federation.

A federation of companies, bound by one purpose – to Rise. Inspired by this spirit, our legacy and values, our goal to always positively impact our partners, stakeholders, customers, employees, communities and the world at large, remains unshakeable.We are committed to working for the welfare of the society in the Social Innovation Business space.

FKtrading India Private Limited is a Subsidiary of FK Group of Companies. FKtrading India Private Limited has had an aggressive growth model since its inception.

FK GROUP OF COMPANIES is providing multi dimensional service as:
  • MINES (Mining)
  • NGO.


  • Deep Analysing the Field
  • Business Planning
  • Fully Customizable Options
  • Risk Management
  • Contigency Planning
  • Simplify your Finance
  • Automation settings implementation
  • Financial Strategy setting

The FK Group, from a humble beginning, has grown manifolds to become one of the fastest growing business conglomerates of the country.

FK Group has invested aggressively and proactively to ride the digital curve with the objective to emerge younger. The Company has always been an early adopter of new technologies from the early days of barcode scanning to the today’s world of robotics and self-service.

There are several new rules of the game, warranting not just a change in the way we see things but a completely new set of eyes.

The modern world warrants a firm commitment towards enhancing business transparency and credibility. Hence, a seamless governance mechanism separates the successful from the rest. Over the years, FK Group established a robust governance framework.


FK Group is leveraging the strengths of the past and addressing the challenges of the day. We are investing in cutting-edge technologies. We are mining data more extensively. The big message is that FK Group is virtually reinventing itself across every dimension to accelerate its growth momentum. We have dedicated corporate units in India and abroad to develop business suited to meet the diverse needs and preferences of consumers/clients in different markets.

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Our Chairman Message


Dear Customers, Clients, Partners, Associates and Team

We have created this Company on the four pillars of hard work, integrity, adaptability and pursuing excellence. We are all challenged in the business world.

FK Group started in true entrepreneurial style as a medium enterprise, but has today grown into a large conglomerate. Amongst all the growth, our commitment to clients,​ Associates, Customers, partners and our employees remains unwavering. In various sectors, the relations with our customers & clients are becoming stronger as well.

We are venturing ahead in hitherto previously unexplored areas, forging strong alliances with national and international companies, and opening offices all across the country and internationally. A highly skilled and professional team of experts is in charge of our day to day activities with the objective that our commitments to our customers and clients are delivered to the maximum extent. This was our vision when we started all the way back in 2010, and this remains our vision today as well.

​As a Company, we are committed to the social and economic progress of the country we enter in. Our Group values lay in the happiness of our employees and appreciation from our customers.

The growth of our Company is based on an efficient organization and Entrepreneurial Management. FK Group has a very rich history of success in our markets, and takes pride in its commitments to remain at the leading edge of our sector.

​We at FK Group have pride in our culture as an organisation. Especially the fact that we have people at all levels who have chosen to remain associated from the beginning, and these long-term associations are the backbone of our FK Group identity and its strength.

​II take this opportunity to thank our Board, Senior Management team and our staff across the organisation for their contribution. Together, we make a thriving and sustainable enterprise. Thanks for your continuous support and trust in us.

​We look forward to being of service to you.

Best wishes,

Firoz Khan (FK)

Chairman & Managing Director (CMD)​ ​ ​