FK Group Currently it is the global producer of chromite, coal, iron ore and bauxite while enjoying economic growth during the nineties. Mining is over 6000 years old in India. The oldest mines include lead-zinc mineral deposits at Zawar, copper deposits at Khetri, and gold deposits in Karnataka.

In states and regions where mining is concentrated the industry plays a much more important role in the local economy. Overall, the economy cannot function without minerals and the products made from them. Mining in the United States produces metals, industrial minerals, coal, and uranium

Business Consultancy

FK Group was incorporated as a business/industrial consultancy,This company is promoted by former project officers from a premier Government Industrial Technical Consultancy Organisation.

We are giving advise , to engage in dissemination of information in all aspects of industry, business organisations and setting up , expand, modernise the enterprises with total handholding services upto the trialrun of the industry all over India . Also we are empanelled for various Govt. Projects implementation and associated works with them.

Real Estate

Real estate business is one of the most lucrative business in India and the second largest behind agriculture. The real estate sector can be divided into three main categories – commercial, residential and land with all sectors booming in India due to the growing middle class and foreign investment into India.

FK Group delas and investment on the real estate agencies also Real estate is property consisting of land and the buildings on it, along with its natural resources such as crops, minerals or water; immovable property of this nature; an interest vested in this (also) an item of real property, (more generally) buildings or housing in general.

Infrastructure Development

Infrastructure sector is a key driver for the Indian economy. The sector is highly responsible for propelling India’s overall development and enjoys intense focus from Government for initiating policies that would ensure time-bound creation of world class infrastructure in the country. FK Group Concentrates on Transportation. Transportation services such as roads, bridges, cycle highways, rail, airports and ports.

  • Energy Production and delivery of energy including electric grids
  • Water
  • Safety & Resilience
  • Financial
  • Health & Education
  • Standards & Rules
  • Public Space



PEACDE INDIA is initiative and CSR of FK Group of Companies.

PEACE INDIA is an International NGO for peace & Human rights Protection. Peace India was set up in 2012 in Asansol, West Bengal with group of people of Nation to promote a peaceful resolution of conflict.It is working continuously with dedication for the Noble cause of Human Rights Protection and Promotion, Justice for all, Economic upliftment of the underprivileged, Education, Love, Peace, Harmony and Friendship and in all sectors have reached across the every part of the Nation & some other counties too.

PEACE INDIA is a Social helping hand and an Organization for the ignored, disregarded, over- looked, victimized oppressed, depressed, tortured people of the Society and it cultivates awareness in them with regards to their RIGHTS.  On behalf of “PEACE INDIA” we run many social and legal awareness program to aware the people for legal knowledge related to all fields.“PEACE INDIA” has an equal eye for all political wings, Castes, Religion, Creed. Here in, we talk about Pure Humanism, Socialism & Indian Nationalism. The Presence of PEACE INDIA is in almost every states of India & some other counties too. PEACE INDIA is associated with many National & International NGO with many human rights organizations.

FK Group Government Tenders

Tender usually refers to the process whereby governments invite bids for large projects that must be submitted within a finite deadline. … Tendering is the process of making an offer, bid or proposal, or expressing interest in response to an invitation or request for tender.

A tender is a submission made by a prospective supplier in response to an invitation to tender. It makes an offer for the supply of goods or services. Inconstruction, the main tender process is generally for the selection of the contractor that will construct the works , FK Group have a great exposure on it


FK Entertainment is a division of the FK Group of Companies handling its media and entertainment business.

Feauture film, TVC, Corporate Film, Brand Launcher, Audio-visual presentation, Music Video on your mind? FK Entertainment are here going to take care of it all!

FK Entertainment starting journey of an idea to make the film is long and full of challenges but with commitment, hard work and determination, the obstacles will turn into milestones.

We, at FK Entertainment, are on a mission to faithfully translate the idea into a film and help the film become a classic.

To achieve this objective, we have formed teams and also teamed up with some of the best minds in the business to make unforgettable films that stand the test of time.

Our Service

We strongly believe significant transformation in livelihoods takes long-term systemic engagement that addresses different elements of the livelihood ecosystem in an integrated manner.

Market Analysis

Identify your audience. … Define your target consumers. … Explain what market need you satisfy. … Analyze the industry. … Identify market trends. … Provide...

Govt Tenders

Tender usually refers to the process whereby governments invite bids for large projects that must be submitted within a finite deadline. … Tendering is the...

Real estate

Residential real estate: These includes both new construction and resale homes. … Commercial real estate: These includes shopping centers and strip malls, medical and educational...

Foreign Trade

FOREIGN TRADE POLICIES: Policies enacted by the government sector of a domestic economy to discourage imports from, and encourage exports to, the foreign sector. The...

Mining Industry

The metals and mining sector is the industry dedicated to the location and extraction of metal and mineral reserves around the world. Global reserves of...

Import / Export

Import. … An import in the receiving country is an export from the sending country. Importation and exportation are the defining financial transactions of international...