FK Group of companies

A federation of companies, bound by one purpose – to Rise. Inspired by this spirit, our legacy and values, our goal to always positively impact our partners, stakeholders, customers, employees, communities and the world at large, remains unshakeable. We are committed to working for the welfare of the society in the Social Innovation Business space.

FK Group of companies

FKtrading India Private Limited is a Subsidiary of FK Group of Companies. FKtrading India Private Limited has had an aggressive growth model since its inception.

A company’s ability to innovate—to tap into fresh, value-creating ideas of its employees and those of its partners, customers, suppliers, and other parties beyond its own boundaries, is a core driver of growth, performance, and valuation.

FK Group of companies

FK Group of companies is a name to serve the in the field of International Trade, Real Estates , Infra structure Management ,Govt Tenders , Mining,  Business consulting & NGO through out the Planet Every accomplishment becomes a foundation for us to innovate, to do better, and to create a promising future.

West Bengal , INDIA
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We have a excellent reputation in the market and in the communities we serve. We are active, involved and connected. We operate in various locations   Our team lives in the communities we serve, giving us an additional motivation in making transactions happen. Our team members’ involvement with numerous organizations and local government helps us generate more leads, price more accurately, negotiate with greater leverage, and simply put, gives our clients an advantage.

Bussiness Acumen

Business Strategy Development and Application. As the old saying goes, “if you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there by finding focus in the distracted world.

Experts Employees

An Understanding of Operations, Supply Chain, and Manufacturing with well experienced employees along with that.Our Experts do the great things for you in a great Manner 

Secure Service

We use safety Tools, Skills, and Concepts of Marketing to service our clients , We are no 1 to miantian the safetyness in and around the site , We respect the security and safety as a first priority

If You Have Any Question. Freequently Asked Your Question

Understand your customers. Make them feel special. …
Commit wholeheartedly. The only way to succeed in keeping loyal customers is to dedicate time and effort towards a strategy that always puts your customers in first place. …
Measure success. Customer satisfaction.

Truly listen. Offer expertise, but make sure employees are listening as much as they talk. …
Be responsive. Customers want service, fast. …
Accommodate customers. Unfortunately, customers can drop the ball just as often as companies. …
Build trust. …
Live the company values. …
Don’t grow too quickly.

Payment guarantees are financial commitments that require the debtor to make a repayment based on the terms outlined in the original debt agreement. Sometimes the payment guarantee is backed with some kind of collateral such as property or another asset that is accepted by the lender.

Our motto “Growth is Life” aptly captures the ever-evolving spirit of FK Group. Our vision has pushed us to achieve global leadership in many of our businesses.

We are now focused on building platforms that will herald the Fourth Industrial Revolution and will create opportunities and avenues for India and all its citizens to realise their true potential. We aim to conduct our businesses ethically and in a manner that is respectful to all. We achieve this by aligning our goals with our six core values. We have always considered sustainable development the cornerstone of our business strategy. We seek to achieve sustainable and profitable growth, creating thriving eco-systems around all our businesses. Our strategy includes fostering close and continuous interaction with people and communities around our business divisions, bringing qualitative changes in their lives and supporting the underprivileged.

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Our Service

We strongly believe significant transformation in livelihoods takes long-term systemic engagement that addresses different elements of the livelihood ecosystem in an integrated manner.

Market Analysis

Identify your audience. … Define your target consumers. … Explain what market need you satisfy. … Analyze the industry. … Identify market trends. … Provide...

Govt Tenders

Tender usually refers to the process whereby governments invite bids for large projects that must be submitted within a finite deadline. … Tendering is the...

Real estate

Residential real estate: These includes both new construction and resale homes. … Commercial real estate: These includes shopping centers and strip malls, medical and educational...


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  1. Better understanding of your thought process.
  2. Improvement in your business knowledge.
  3. Development of your management style and gaining better understanding of different styles.
  4. Enhancing your overall management and leadership skills.


FK Group proved to be a professional service provider from the outset. We appreciate their proactive approach and ability to suggest improvements to a prospective solution on both architectural and business levels.

7th Annual International Conference, NEW DELHI

FK GROUP Conducts the Event of Indian Constitution Day celebrations, 7th Annual International Conference titled “69th Constitution Day” at The Shangri-La, Eros Hotel, New Delhi...

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Free vocational training to poor and needy women

FK World established on the goal of cultivating notable individuals who will be effective leaders. Exceptional learning environment located in Melbourne CBD.

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FK World concentrates on society cause itself

FK GROUP demand to REMOVE Bank charges for NON-MAINTENANCE of Minimum BALANCE in Bank Account for the accounts of pensioners, minors, social security benefit holders,...

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