Chairman Message


Dear Customers, Clients, Partners, Associates and Team

We have created this Company on the four pillars of hard work, integrity, adaptability and pursuing excellence. We are all challenged in the business world.

FK Group started in true entrepreneurial style as a medium enterprise but has today grown into a large conglomerate. Amongst all the growth, our commitment to clients, Associates, Customers, partners, and our employees remains unwavering. In various sectors, the relations with our customers & clients are becoming stronger as well.

We are venturing ahead in hitherto previously unexplored areas, forging strong alliances with national and international companies, and opening offices all across the country and internationally. A highly skilled and professional team of experts is in charge of our day-to-day activities with the objective that our commitments to our customers and clients are delivered to the maximum extent. This was our vision when we started all the way back in 2010, and this remains our vision today as well.

As a Company, we are committed to the social and economic progress of the country we enter in. Our Group values lay in the happiness of our employees and appreciation from our customers.

The growth of our Company is based on an efficient organization and Entrepreneurial Management. FK Group has a very rich history of success in our markets, and takes pride in its commitments to remain at the leading edge of our sector.

We at FK Group have pride in our culture as an organisation. Especially the fact that we have people at all levels who have chosen to remain associated from the beginning, and these long-term associations are the backbone of our FK Group identity and its strength.

I take this opportunity to thank our Board, Senior Management team and our staff across the organisation for their contribution. Together, we make a thriving and sustainable enterprise. Thanks for your continuous support and trust in us.

I believe that You don’t need MONEY only to build your business empire, what you need is big dreams & a SHARP MIND! If you got it, try it.

We look forward to being of service to you.

Best wishes,

Firoz Khan (FK)
Chairman & Managing Director (CMD)

Honoured by International Book of World Records

A Man with Multifaceted Personality “Social Entrepreneurship”

ICONS OF ASIA Award Winner as Social Entrepreneur of the Year

Founder & Chairman
PEACE INDIA (International NGO )
ISO Certified Organisation
“Best NGO of the Nation”Award Winner in New Delhi

Founder & Chairman
IndoUG Commerce and Social Council
ISO Certified Organisation

Member: Associated Chambers
of Commerce & Industry of India

Executive Member : Indian National Bar Association, New Delhi

V.I.P. Member : CONSUMER FORUM (New Delhi), Rec. by Government of India,
Ministry of Law, Justice and Company Affairs)


Associated with many National & International Corporate House, Chamber of
Commerce & Industry, Human Rights Organisation & NGO

About Chairman

Inspiration for youths, Influential Firoz Khan FK, a successful Entrepreneur, well-established Philanthropist, & Human Rights Activist, succor to deprived people.

Firoz Khan FK is a Man of Multifarious and composite Personality. He is an active Sociologist, Administrator, Human Rights Activist, successful Entrepreneur & well-established Philanthropist. In his vast experience of 18 years, He has been associated with numerous Social & Business activities. The aim of all his courteous activities was to ameliorate the conditions of the Society. Firoz Khan FK is a man with a golden heart and a humble nature. He is staunchly dedicated to serving all needy and deteriorated people across the globe.

Firoz Khan FK has successfully mastered the art of business over all these years. His astute zeal and enthusiasm to learn and his detail-oriented shrewdness guided him in building a successful and prosperous career. He is considered a role model in the young business community due to his marvellous and bewitching achievements. He is also frequently invited to speak in eminent business forums and elite events regularly. In recent years, he has been diligently working towards expanding his business empire into many business sectors. His cordial nature and competence have helped him connect with successful people from different aspects of life including influential people from political & corporate circles in India and worldwide.

Firoz Khan FK is influencing and inspiring the youth through his captivating and enthralling work in the field of entrepreneurship and social activism. He is one of the best-known Social Entrepreneurs of par excellence and cordial nature. He is a man with greater sagacity. He has spent a considerable time of his precious lifetime serving society.

Firoz Khan FK was a child with a sharp and quick-witted mind and hence he aced the game of Chess. Peremptory qualities including endurance, teamwork, responsibility, and commitment were inculcated in him at an early age shaping the core of his character.

In sum, he is the man with greater wisdom as he spent his precious life time to serve the society of this magnitude & vast. He is a man of principles & dedication. Connecting and networking with people is his passion.

During his long career, Md. Firoz Khan has travelled widely across the Country. He has also visited many countries.

Some Achievements

The way this social entrepreneur has transcended the conventional barriers of business and worked on the Social Innovation Business ecosystem that can enrich lives and contribute to nations in building infrastructure through sustainable value creation is commendable.

The philanthropist has been applauded for his social commitments and thorough professionalism from all corners.

Firoz Khan got Dr. BabaSaheb Ambedkar NOBEL AWARDS (BANA 2016) In Mumbai.

FK Group of Companies got “ASIA LEADERSHIP AWARDS 2019” for category – “Award for Best CSR Activity by Organization” in Mumbai on 27th November 2019 by Leadership Federation.

Firoz Khan got ICONS OF ASIA Award Winner as Social Entrepreneur of the Year in 2022.

FK Group got Indian Glory Award 2022 for CSR Excellence Award.

Md. Firoz Khan got Certificate of Appreciation from all Indian Reporters Association (AIRA) in the recognition of support and excellency in the field of Human Rights and Social Awareness & for tremendous work in the field of Philanthropy, Peace and Brotherhood.

Md. Firoz Khan got Bengal Excellence Award 2014, 2015, 2022 for outstanding achievement for the social work of society and nation organized by Press Club of Asansol Megacity on 28th December 2014.

Md. Firoz Khan got Global Human Rights Award in New Delhi in 2011 in recognition of services towards Human Rights.

Md. Firoz Khan selected for NATIONAL ACHIEVERS AWARD by Glamorous You, National Magazine & Sasha Media solution Pvt. Ltd in the category of "BEST SOCIAL WORK OF THE YEAR" in 2019 in New Delhi.

Md. Firoz Khan got Sir Syed Ahmed Khan Award in 2015 by Youth Committee in West Bengal.

Md. Firoz Khan got official invitation with special visa copy at the 2nd annual commemoration of September 18th -19th ,2016 World Alliance of Religion’s Peace (WARP) summit (World Level Conference) in Seol, Republic of Korea.

Global Triumph Foundation proudly announce that “Md. Firoz Khan” Managing Director of FK Group of Companies selected for the award of “RISING STAR AWARD at GTF LEADERSHIP SUMMIT- 2019 at Delhi.

CFM HONOR AWARD – 2019 by COALFIELD MIRROR News in recognition of Continuous Social Services throughout the year in every sector & achievement in Corporate world.

Firoz Khan got official Government invitation from the International Institute for Tolerance part of Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives and Under the Patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, it was my privilege to honor the first edition of the World Tolerance Summit scheduled from 15th to 16th November 2018, at the Armani Hotel Dubai in conjunction with the international day for tolerance. They are honoured & delighted to have me on board in the WTS scheduled on 15 - 16 November, 2018. Firoz Khan attended this Summit in DUBAI & got very good response in summit.

Firoz Khan got Special invitation Letter for Global Investment in Aviation Summit (GIAS), Dubai, UAE in June 2019.

Firoz Khan got Special Invitation to Middle East Investment summit 2020 as special delegate in DUBAI, UAE through Official Letter.

Md. Firoz Khan got NELSON MANDELA INTERNATIONAL PEACE AWARDS from Council of Justice of the Peace of Sri Lanka in Nelson Mandela International Peace Summit 2019 in Sri Lanka.

Firoz Khan also got special invitation with special VISA of UAE to attend the World Tolerance Summit (Second edition) scheduled on 13 -14 November 2019 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and held under the Patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid AL Maktoum, UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai. This global gathering is an initiative of the International Institute for Tolerance, a part of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives, and will be held in conjunction with UNESCO’s International Day for Tolerance.

Firoz Khan got MOTHER TERESA AWARD to recognizes unconditional Social activities Nationwide throughout the year under the banner of PEACE INDIA (International NGO).

Firoz khan is proud winner of the Prestigious “The Golden Star icon Awards” in the Category of “MOST INFLUENTIAL PERSONALITY OF THE YEAR” to recognize & honour as outstanding accomplished individual.

On behalf of the International Human Fraternity Summit & The UAE Ministry of Tolerance & Coexistence, Md. Firoz Khan , Founder & Chairman of PEACE INDIA (International NGO) got Official Invitation to honor the first digital edition of the International Human Fraternity Summit under the theme ‘Human Fraternity for Working Together to Achieve a Better Future’ which is scheduled on the 4th of February 2021

The Associated Chambers of Commerce & Industry of India (ASSOCHAM) officially invited to FK Group in Virtual Conference on 'PLI Scheme for Specialty Steel' on 22nd January 2020
Firoz Khan feel honour to attend the Conference organised by ASSOCHAM & also got Certificate of participation from Associated Chambers of Commerce & Industry of India (ASSOCHAM).

InternationalInternational Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and Integrity Initiatives International invited to Md.Firoz khan to attend a virtual side event to the UN High-Level Political Forum.

Md. Firoz Khan feel honored to attend the virtual event. International movement to combat corruption.

FK GROUP got Special Invitation from The Economic Times to join the inaugural edition of The Economic Times Business Transformation Summit, happened on 28th April, a one-stop destination for understanding the importance of business intelligence and solving all the challenges pertaining to unifying business processes for future resilience. Firoz Khan attended the Summit & got certification.

Md. Firoz Khan has been selected as a SOCIAL ENTREPRENEUR of the Innovation & Achievement Awards-2021, organized by Entrepreneur Welfare Association, Bangalore

Firoz Khan FK, Managing Director of FK GROUP got most prestigious INTERNATIONAL GENIUS ICON ACHIEVERS AWARD 2021 in the Category of SOCIAL ENTREPRENEUR & BUSINESS ICON.

This Is the First Global Event in the History of Mumbai which has A Collaboration with United Nations and American. University USA.

FK GROUP selected & confirmed of The BURJ CEO Award & title "The Most innovative Company - India" in 5th Edition of The BURJ CEO Awards & Summit on 17-19 February 2022 in Dubai, UAE.
FK GROUP got official Confirmation Letter after BURJ CEO nomination submission, it is now confirmed that FK GROUP will be receiving The BURJ CEO Award & Summit title "The Most innovative Company - India" in 5th Edition of The BURJ CEO Awards in Dubai, UAE.

Firoz Khan gets the prestigious Award, APARAJITA SAMMAN in Kolkata for the category – SOCIAL ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR 2020-2021.

FIROZ KHAN got Bhartiya Icon Award as Dynamic Entrepreneur of the Year,

FK GROUP got a Prestigious Award in Kolkata for Best Brand Development Company of the Year 2021-2022.

FIROZ KHAN got International Social Honourable Award.

Firoz Khan got an Official Invitation from U.S. Consulate General, Mumbai and the School of Media and Cultural Studies, Tata Institute of Social Studies (TISS), Mumbai to join a discussion on "Moving the Conversations on Gender Equality in Cinema"

Firoz Khan got an Invitation from the UAE Ministry of Economy to the Official Opening Ceremony of the Annual Investment Meeting (AIM) Global 2022 in DUBAI, UAE.

Firoz Khan got an invitation from U.S. Consulate General, Mumbai for a panel discussion on "Accelerating Women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) in India.

Firoz Khan is a member of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). Thanks to UNICEF for your appreciation of the contribution of Firoz Khan to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

Firoz Khan also got many other Awards & Certifications in many corporate & Social sectors for his contribution and unconditional services.