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Corporate Consultancy

We are the growth advisors to dynamic organisations, providing robust compliance services and growth navigation solutions.

How FK GROUP can help in providing doing business in India advisory

Changing face of Indian businesses, government led reforms have brought new challenges and new opportunities in the market. This constant evolution requires regular shaping of new strategies and new business solutions. Our extensive network of our member firms and offices in the country can help mitigate the challenges arising on account of the unique legal system, regulatory bottlenecks and tax requirements.

We can help you in your financial growth by overcoming these barriers of growth. This involves doing business in India advisory, corporate finance, management of your business risks, strategic planning of your investments and solving your complete taxation related queries.

The country’s eased regulatory scenario and improved ease of doing are increasingly offering opportunities to businesses to grow. We are engaged by family-owned businesses, private equity and venture capital funded businesses, widely-held companies and other organisations to assist them in developing and delivering strategic direction to the business.

We offer a bouquet of fully integrated strategic advisory services. Our extensive experience and in-depth knowledge combined with our collaborative approach helps dynamic businesses to grow.

Our Strategy planning and implementationare aimed at assisting the top management of an organisation in deciding the strategic direction and ensuring their functional heads buy into the vision of the organisation.

We deliver tailor-made assurance services accentuated by impeccable quality to our clients in local and global marketplace. Our focus is on assisting our clients in steering through complex professional requirements with clarity and agility. Our partner led approach helps in navigating complexities to provide insights in your business with customised solutions.

FK Group delivers tailor-made assurance and auditing services in India accentuated by impeccable quality to our clients in local and global marketplace. Our aim is to assist our clients in steering through complex professional requirements with clarity and agility.

Experts in our Financial Services (FS) tax services have extensive experience in providing tax and regulatory advisory services. Our team of professionals have an exhaustive knowledge of domestic laws, as well as practical experience in issues relating to the FS Tax Sector.

Our FS Tax practice focuses on finding opportunities and leveraging them to the advantage of the clients through tailored and innovative approaches. The practice has been built upon complementary components of industry/sector knowledge, multifaceted tools and the ability to deliver services locally and globally.

Our team of sector and technical experts specialise in financial due diligence and offer a proactive and pragmatic approach tailored to mitigate risks and provide value beyond the deal.

We partner with you to identify and mitigate potential transactional risks, to assist you in taking an informed decision and to provide tailored recommendations on deal-related challenges.

Our team of sector and technical experts specialise in due diligence and offer a wealth of industry knowledge and operational experience. We would provide you a scalable solution that can be tailored to mitigate the complexities involved in deals. Our goal is to offer the powerful combination of excellent service and responsive relationships to deliver relevant and cost-effective solutions based on industry best practices.

Expanding to new markets is an exciting journey. Our unique blend of global insights with expertise in local landscape can help you transition and build a thriving business. We have very strong global network. As one of the growing professional services firm in India, FK GROUP provides end-to-end solutions for a business lifecycle. From devising strategy, providing assurance and financing growth, to driving digital transformation, mitigating risks and enabling compliance with local regulations, our teams can assist you with everything your business demands. We are a local firm with global connects.

We provide tax, audit and advisory services to India and international clients looking at global expansion. Wherever you are looking to go, we can help you navigate the challenges to, and from, developed and emerging markets. At FK GROUP, we help organisations drive productivity, value and impact through the workforce and HR. Our Human Capital Consulting team leverages technology and industry insights to help you build an adaptable organisation that is transparent; create a productive

and value-driven workforce; and design each aspect of work in a way that inspires the worker to drive meaningful work. Business environment today is volatile, fraud risks on the rise, perpetrators increasingly sophisticated, stakeholder expectations getting higher and regulatory enforcement, heightened. Against this background, vulnerabilities of a variety of fraud, misconduct, money laundering, bribery, kick-back schemes, amongst others, pose a substantial threat to financial, operational, and brand value of any business. It is therefore not an overstatement to say that identifying and mitigating these risks is crucial to a business’s existence.

Our Forensic advisory services is the answer to help you overcome these critical business challenges, effectively. Our team stands solid on experience and subject-matter expertise to provide the right insight, from strategy to execution. We cover the spectrum of forensic advisory services and take pride in having worked on diverse engagements, cutting sectors. While we tailor our solution to a client’s requirements, the agility, conviction and sensitivity with which we approach any issue is constant.

Today, with regulators, investors, and independent directors focusing on the importance of corporate governance, organisations need to streamline and fine-tune their processes and controls. Leadership teams are repeatedly turning to their internal auditors for additional assurance on the robustness of the systems as well as for risk mitigation controls.

We focus on effective risk mitigation by setting up robust processes, institutionalising right internal controls, leveraging IT and achieving performance improvements. Organisations are seeing increasing digitisation of their operations, resulting in an exponential growth in data generation across all business functions. Keeping abreast with this trend, our internal audit (IA) methodology integrates data analytics to provide increased efficiency, assurance and value.

Our cyber security advisory services provide organisations with the right recommendations and benchmarks to address their cyber security concerns.

IT consulting enables organisations to identify and manage IT security risks to protect data, assets, people and identities. Our IT advisory services help companies align with national and global regulatory compliance requirements&IT Enabled Process Transformation. We help identify, monitor and remediate IT & Cyber Security Risks across IT infrastructure, ERP, networks in an organisation.

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